Thames Rowing Skiff - 5 Planks
Length 12 '
Beam 3' 3''
Depth mid section approx 13"
Weight Approx 45lbs

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Cutting planks
Cutting Planks
Planks cut and scarfed
Selway Fisher Design designed the boat and I chose her for her practicality and her elegant lines. Taking into account the amount of portage [carrying around locks] required, she needs to be as light as possible and by building her myself I could make her as light as possible by using thinner ply. I also wanted a pretty boat.
Planks cut and scarfed.
The Selway Fisher 12ft Thames Rowing Skiff is modelled on the traditional Thames river skiffs. She is lightweight with a moderately low beam requiring the use of outriggers. She has an elegant wine glass shaped transom and a raking bow.
Bending Garboard
Bending Garboard.
Starting to take shape
The design build uses the stitch and tape method of construction. By using 4mm marine plywood, I have been able to keep the weight to an absolute minimum [approx 45lbs].
Starting to take shape
Once I had cut out the hull panel shapes, I stitched them with wire, taped them with fibreglass tape and finally bonded the panels together with epoxy adhesives. This creates the boat shape and the finishing involves sanding, filling, varnishing and painting.
Frames form hull shape.
Frames form hull shape
Transom wired to hull
I started building "Alicia" on Christmas Eve 2002 and she is due to be completed by 13th April.
Transom wired to hull
Once completed, I will assemble and fit a sliding rowing seat from Chippendale Craft, this is a plywood box with tracks for a wooden seat and an adjustable foot rest. The assembly should improve the performance of the boat significantly.
Bow and thwart supports
Bow and thwart supports
Before painting
The stainless steel outriggers, which have been specifically made for "Alicia" by EH Hassell &. Sons Ltd, Mechanical, Diesel & Structural Engineers, from Trentham, Stoke on Trent.
Epoxied before painting
The oars will be of a traditional spoon type blade, generously provided by John Murray& Son Butcher and Game Dealer from Loxwood. As I am currently not sure of the actual length required yet, Guildford rowing club will be kindly lending me a pair in order to set the boat up.
Undercoat and fairing boa
Ready for top coat
I have lost count of the hours I have spent building my boat and boring my friends with tales of her construction but I have enjoyed the exercise as much as I imagined and I am now looking forward to putting her on the water and setting off on our journey together.
Filled ready for top coat.