I would not have been able to attempt this venture without the support of my family, friends and colleagues. I will be updating this page regularly to acknowledge specific support and offer my thanks to the people involved.

George and Olwen Warren, my parents, who have bought the plans and all the materials for me to make "Alicia".

John and Marie Smart, my parents-in-law, for allowing me to use their garage for three months as a workshop.

Rupert Bowling for setting up this web site.

Caroline Melvin, Mary Creswell and Sue Grant for advise on sponsorship and PR.

John Murray, David Newman, Sam Madge and my brother Johnathan Warren for taking time off work to act as my towpath crew. My special thanks goes to John Murray who will be with me all week.

Richard Melhuish and James MacLean for the use of computers and printers at Land & Water Services.

Dragons Health Club, Merrow, Guildford, Surrey for their support.

Jill Bristow for layout and design advise.

Cheri Murphy, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity, fund raising team.

Selway fisher design - Paul Fisher for general advise on the boat.

Chippendale Craft Ted Bird for help with the sliding seat.

EH Hassle and sons Ltd - John who have fabricated the Out riggers.

Julie Baxter for help with the sponsor's database.